Last updated: December 30th, 2021

Dynamic DNS clients

Installing Windows client

version 1.6 x64
Download windows installer
version 1.6 i386
Version x86(x32)
Installation process

The client application can be installed in both the privilized and user mode. The update is on schedule (Task scheduler). Several domains can be updated at once. Authorization is built on the token mechanism, you will need to download the config file separately.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the installer on the link on the left
  • To download the config file follow the link
  • Pick domains that should be updated through a customer
  • Download the config file
  • Start installer and in the installation's passage specify a prepared config file

Android instructions

ver 2.3.1
Download APK
Download DDNS client for Android

Download and run the APK file with the DynDNS client for Android. If you get a bug about a locked installation, allow the installation from untrustworthy sources in the system settings.

Install the DynDNS app

If the installation is blocked

Set up a dynamic DNS in an Android client

DDNS agent options



  • Update domain fill
  • Hostname your domain, for example
  • Username your username
  • Password your password


Setting up instructions:

  • Requires an installed wget (or curl, fetch etc)
  • Open the terminal (xterm)
  • Run crontab -e
  • Add a line
  • 4 * * * *  wget "" >> /dev/null
    Where https://... is the line of the update token, you can copy the steps below
  • Open the
  • Go to the properties you want to domain
  • Enable API token
  • Copy Url for domain update

Application programming interface (API)

API complies OpenAPI specification version 3 and has Swagger interface for test and development.

  • Endpoint address
  • Documentation and Swagger interface /docs/api
  • Authorization token available for logged user by link