DNS Hosting

Why do you need a DNS server? The DNS server must respond when the user's system for example, a browser sends a request to it to determine the IP address of a site or any other resource on the network Internet. Otherwise, the resource will be unavailable, despite the stable operation of the hosting. DNS hosting is a service, allowing you to manage the content of zone files DNS and DNS server settings through resource records. This type of hosting is needed for successful operation each web resource. The service "DNS-hosting" is fast and stable DNS servers, as well as an editor that allows you to Conveniently and intuitively manage the content of zone files and DNS server settings.

How to work with DNS

Configuring DNS zone Records

DNS Hosting configuration

Even before DNS delegation is transferred, zone editing is available. In your personal account you can create new records and edit existing ones:

  • NS to specify DNS addresses of ALviy servers
  • A for IPv4 IP addresses
  • AAAA for IPv6 IP addresses
  • CNAME to create aliases (aliases) to other domains
  • MX mail servers of your company or third party email providers

Traffic proxying

Proxy mode settings

After delegating a zone to Alviy.com, the ability to enable proxy mode becomes available. After SSL certificates creating for the zone on Alviy proxy endpoints, the editing mode with options is activated traffic proxying:

  • Switch Proxy traffic redirects traffic to cleaning centers, hiding the target IP address
  • backend modeDefines the communication protocol of Alviy servers for the active proxy mode with the target web server. This is either open transmission of traffic via http, or via the encrypted https protocol

Zone scan

Search for existing entries

Zone scan

To simplify the transfer of zones from other DNS hosting operators, a mechanism is provided to simplify the migration.
We will scan active NS servers and find all existing records. According to statistics, 99% of the zone is located, and only hidden ones entries will have to be made manually.