DNS secondary hosting

Secondary DNS service offers consumers an extra set of authoritative nameservers to answer queries for your domain zone. Alviy DNS server is an authoritative server that obtains all domain data about a zone from the main server via zone transfer.

Backup DNS

Backup DNS is traditional use case for secondary DNS. When the primary DNS server was unable to respond to queries you will have a fresh copy of all your DNS records.

Zone redundancy

Redundancy across many nameservers offers not only fault tolerance but also request balancing between all DNS servers. More DNS servers you have, less workload per each one.

Primary DNS protection

Secondary DNS server affords to protect master server. If you need to conceal own DNS servers, you can secure them with Secondary DNS configuration with hidden Master. Аccording to this approach сlients don't know about primary servers and contact only public Secondary DNS servers.

DNS acceleration

Since resolvers track servers response performance, they can also prefer the faster resource. Therefore, your DNS zone speeds up.

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